Digital Transformation - WHAT does it mean?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by digitalization, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and the ever-increasing, global use of social media.
These are just some of the things that have taken the world by storm. Digital Transformation is about how technology allows people to solve traditional problems, solve IT issues and address their business challenges to ultimately grow the company using the right technology in the digital age.

WHY Digital Transformation?

The international business landscape is hypercompetitive and fast-moving, making digital the only option for an organisation that hopes to stay relevant and competitive. Email and real-time communications is delivered to a recipient (email to a person or a group of people), and communications from everywhere and everyone about every topic piles up. No wonder keeping up with email is such a effort! Shared workspaces created through digital transformation are different because they're organized by topic rather than by recipient. This way the information will be related to a single topic that you've already indicated interest in by your membership so it will help you focus on collaboration and your work feels more streamlined.

What we DO for YOU

Implementing a suite solution can seem overwhelming. With Microsoft 365 solutions from SyncMyOffice, organizations can embrace the future of work for a more adaptive, responsive, and competitive workforce. SyncMyOffice lets you move at your own pace, with Office 365 you have a suite of tools available to implement and you decide whether to migrate employees over in groups or by program. We have the ability to implement a steady rollout that allows you to save costs, increases productivity and help your business adapt to the new streamlined solutions. Additionally, our amazing Support team will provide hands-on support to drive deployment and adoption at your own speed.

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein