Modern Workplaces

The way SMB customers collaborate in the workplace is transforming. To remain competitive, you need to optimize how your teams work together. With improved collaboration, you can be more productive, reduce costs and safeguard data. By 2020, Millennials will account for over 50% of workers – they seek more open collaborative workspaces, a greater sense of purpose, and a deeper connection to their company’s mission.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a place where employees can communicate with each other openly and efficiently, where leadership can engage with employees, and where you can feel connected with the rest of the company - and most importantly where ideas and innovation thrive.

  • •  Effective file storage and sharing across any devices, anytime, anywhere
  • •  Continuous integrated chat to share information when you need to
  • •  Online meetings, take notes, share screens, and upload files

What we DO for YOU

SyncMyOffice analyses your business and starts you up on the digital transformation path in easy steps based on your unique requirements. We combine your multiple disconnected systems into one, boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows, and get you a 360-degree control of your business, when and where you need it. We really show your stakeholders what a modern workplace can do for them. We safeguard your data against security risks, and make sure your organisations stays in charge of your business at all times.

"Our employees have been surprised and delighted with the intuitive interface and the ability Microsoft Teams gives them to mobilize people"